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Once You Fall You Just Can't Stop

November 19, 2008

If you are a runway model, then watch this video so you can learn what NEVER to do on the runway. If you are not a runway model, then watch this video to laugh your ass off at the garbarrassment that ensues.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to live in Vietnam? Well now you can find out! Our wonderful friend Bill M. has moved to Vietnam in search of work and a brand new life. In honor of his bravery and extreme garbarrassment, we have given him his very own section on our site to post tales of his encounters and adventures! Click below to enter Bill's Corner, and find out what it's like to live in Vietnam!


Things That Are Garbarrassing:

17. $20000 Cell Phone Covers -11/14/08

16. The Pedophile Effect -11/13/08

15. Awkward Meetings -09/08/08

14. Race Walking -08/21/08

13. The "Cavemen" of Business -08/11/08

12. It is NOT Comcastic -07/29/08

11. Overpriced Water -07/21/08

10. Beauty Pageants -07/14/08

9. Venice, Italy -07/07/08

8. The US Department of Homeland Security -07/07/08

7. Detrimental Drug Addicts -04/07/08

6. Over-Idolizing a Mediocre Celebrity -04/04/08

5. Doctors That Fuck Up Important Operations -03/20/08

4. Actor's Who Cheat on their Hot Wives, With Ugly Hookers -03/17/08

3. Hookers -03/14/08

2. People Who Earn Money by Exploiting Religion -03/11/08

1. Taking One for the Team, so your Friend can get Laid -03/10/08


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